Buyer's Guide
Costa Tropical

"Our initial briefing to Martin was simple - "This is our budget, we want a villa, pool, garden, in the mountains", and here we were two pensioners wanting an easy life!  Martin took us through a full and comprehensive questionnaire that raised many questions and made us start thinking that we had been ignoring our own frailties. Living in an apartment gave us a new outlook on life and after several excursions into the hills we changed tack and out went the villa, pool etc."
Case Studies

Here some clients offer their personal experiences of the process of buying in Spain, renovating a property, building from start, dealing with legal matters, in fact a range of issues are shared. Just a quick read through them will soon prepare you for the lifestyle changes to come... And as a further aid I have included some notes below each study to help explain in more detail some of the issues that these experiences raise.

Case Study One - on building your own villa

Case Study Two - on re-locating for retirement

Case Study Three - on buying a dream versus reality

Case Study Four - on value for money house hunting

Case Study Five - on being prepared for "surprises"

Case Study Six - on realistic investment for the future

Case Study Seven - on being duped; a cautionary tale

Case Study Eight - on buying property in Spain in a world recession 

If you wish to include your own experience; then please contact me at - This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it