Buyer's Guide
Costa Tropical

"After reading so much negative press about the trials and tribulations of buying property in Spain, it was with a huge sigh of relief that I dealt with Martin in Almuñecar. Despite the fact that I wanted to buy inland, and not on the coast, he was so very helpful. At no stage did I feel he was doing anything other than acting in my best interests and he told me the facts of life regarding buying in Spain. All the details - warts and all. Saving me a lot of time and money in the process."
Case Studies

Here some clients offer their personal experiences of the process of buying in Spain, renovating a property, building from start, dealing with legal matters, in fact a range of issues are shared. Just a quick read through them will soon prepare you for the lifestyle changes to come... And as a further aid I have included some notes below each study to help explain in more detail some of the issues that these experiences raise.

Case Study One - on building your own villa

Case Study Two - on re-locating for retirement

Case Study Three - on buying a dream versus reality

Case Study Four - on value for money house hunting

Case Study Five - on being prepared for "surprises"

Case Study Six - on realistic investment for the future

Case Study Seven - on being duped; a cautionary tale

Case Study Eight - on buying property in Spain in a world recession 

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