Buyer's Guide
Costa Tropical

"Martin guided us through each stage of the process from the initial search to the completed refurbishment including contacting and negotiating with reliable builders. As an architect with many years experience I am pleased to recommend Martin."

What type of property?

Whatever kind of property you are looking for then making the Costa Tropical your first point of call will not disappoint. Here you can find property to suit all budgets – with prices starting at around £50,000 - whether you are looking for a quiet pied-a-terre in a traditional Spanish pueblo blanco, or a luxury villa with spectacular millionaire features then the Costa Tropical can provide. Given the range of choices available then a brief skip through the property for sale pages will steer you towards the vast selection available. Not forgetting that there are still bargains to be had – and if you want to know why these properties have been selected to this category then email me for more information at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

"For every biscuit has its piece of cheese," a truism that easily sums up what matches a property to a client and vice versa. How many times have we dealt with clients who think they have a very clear idea of what they want to buy – without truly looking at either the reality or listening to the experience of others? Only to then re-sell within a year or to spend a couple of yeras wishing they had bought on the coast. Simply read the case study contributed by H Savage to understand just what I mean.

While searching real estate agents and websites for personal property preferences, then you may find it useful to familiarise yourself first with some commonly used housing terms and definitions. This is a general guide to the meanings – but please bear in mind that some property website descriptions do not always use them appropriately.

Apartamento – an apartment or flat, usually with communal pool, terraces and gardens.
Campo – those rural areas less commercialised and generally with less facilities than major towns.
Chalet – a term used to describe a detached house or villa.
Cortijo - a country house or cottage with land for cultivation.
Duplex – a property, normally terraced, built on two or more levels within a larger complex or building. The last 2 floors of a 3 or more storey building can often be described as such.
Finca – a working or derelict farm house with a substantial amount of rustic land.
Off-Plan – a property either to be built or in the early stages of construction.
Penthouse – this may not always be on the top floor but generally refers to apartments larger in size than the majority in a particular development.
Piso – see apartamento above.
Pueblo – a small town or village.
Rustico – rural land for farm or agricultural use rather than habitation or building development.
Urbanización – a development of different types of houses and apartments normally with communal gardens and swimming pools.
Urbano – urban building land for habitation use, the ratio of build to land will be determined by the local and regional government planning.
Villa – a detached property which may come with or without a private pool and/or grounds.

And so you find that you are ready to buy your Spanish property on the Costa Tropical. One of the more popular requests received over the years is a for a town or village house with garden; but alas given the climate and cultural difference between southern Spain compared to that of many northern European places and also that different criterion given to land use then such properties very, very rarely exist. Perhaps the simple reason is that almost all Spanish families is some way or other own or have access to both the rural plot, huerta (garden or allotment) or cortijo (weekend country cottage) as well as a property in the nearest town or village. They therefore see no reason to historically build properties with gardens; generally then for many Spanish the land is for cultivating first and foremost. The few town or village properties with any green space around them tend to be larger detached properties that we would more easily recognize as mansions or traditional manor properties within a community. Consequently then their price and market value is reflected by this quality.

No matter what kind of property you are looking for then I will do my best to help – even if it means that you may have to compromise in some way. In my experience very rarely I have seen a property that characteristically – as they say, "ticks all the boxes." This over-utilised expression is often a screen to avoid the reality of difference between what you want and what is actually on offer. All too often I will ask a customer to list down all the points they want the property to have, many of which I hasten to add are structured by their own experience of property in their own country. This is not surprising, but in areas where remote country properties can offer access to mains water, drains, electricity and/or telephone lines are impossible – that is after all what makes them remote. Therefore if these pages don’t aid you to find a property that suits then simply send me your "create your dream home"  application, and leave me to do the rest. Good luck and welcome, and who knows, very soon you’ll be a part of the growing community of the Costa Tropical.